Lets be honest, development, whether it is ‘new-development’, ‘re-development’ or else a ‘change of use’ can be a minefield.
Our experience tells us that clients want to be guided through the development process in plain language, with the minimum of fuss and at reasonable cost. We pride ourselves in having a thorough understanding of the development process backed up by a proven track record.
Furthermore, if we think we are not the right practice for a given job – we will say so.
Our services include:

  • Advice to clients on how best to tackle an application, to maximise the chances of securing a favourable outcome.
  • Preparing the full range of documents to support a planning application to ensure validation by the local planning authority. This includes a service to canvass local opinion in order to produce ‘statements of community involvement’ and similar reports where these are needed.
  • A ‘hands on’ approach to help individuals and other clients with proposals for small-scale development and changes of use.
  • Preparation and project management of major applications, including those requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Advice on specialist applications, for example those requiring listed building or Conservation Area consents, as well as residential, commercial and industrial proposals.
  • Representing appellants whose applications have been refused to try to ensure a successful result on appeal, as well as assisting clients with enforcement problems.
  • Strategic studies for commercial clients interested in restructuring their land holdings and other assets to maximise revenues.

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