Aim and Mission

MD2 Consulting Ltd aims to achieve excellence in all that we do; our mission is to deliver value-added environmental and societal outcomes from the work that we undertake.
Our approach is to provide high quality, value for money work, delivered with the involvement of a Director at all times, and where appropriate, involving specialist associates. MD2 Consulting Ltd places a high value on insight and we use the word ‘bespoke’ to describe how we treat each commission as special and unique. MD2 Consulting Ltd is adept at working in partnerships with other organisations.
Client care
MD2 Consulting Ltd clients expect to receive the attention and care that we would expect in their situation. Our experience of the private, public, community and academic sectors allows us to fully understand and deliver our clients’ needs.
Beyond state of the art
MD2 Consulting Ltd go the extra mile and treat each piece of work as an opportunity to go beyond the ordinary. At MD2 Consulting Ltd we believe that our clients choose us because they want a practice that works ‘with them’ as much as ‘for them’.
Quality Management and Corporate Policies
MD2 Consulting Ltd is wholly dedicated to providing our clients with quality products and services, giving value for money and complete satisfaction.